Call for Submission

The growth of the internet is happening rapidly all over the world. We are in the internet age with nearly two-thirds of the world's population being online. The growth of the internet and technology has a greater impact on cybersecurity. With technological advancement, cyber crimes are increasing. Cybercriminals are adopting new ways to commit crimes.

Cybersecurity issues differ at organizational and personal levels. At the corporate level, hackers find loopholes to hack systems, to gain access to crucial information, they target employees through various means to steal personal information. With the help of technology, they reach out to the employees as genuine people and pose a risk to the organization. Cybercriminals use social media to steal their identity or make people click on malicious links. In recent years, we have seen data breaches in big companies. These breaches have exposed the private information of users. As cybercriminals are adopting new ways to access personal information it is important that companies are taking steps to protect themselves from data breaches. At a personal level, we share a lot of information about ourselves on social media. It has become effortless to access personal data from social media and have the same used it against us. Cyber crimes like financial fraud, impersonation, identity theft, hacking, phishing, etc., are increasing. The field of cyber security is growing day by day, the more we use technology the more it becomes important to keep our systems secure.

“The CyberPeace Journal” invites paper submissions from researchers and students, members of police agencies, esteemed criminologists, social scientists, computer scientists, cybersecurity practitioners & policy-makers. We also welcome submissions that have international and global perspectives and implications.

The CyberPeace Journal aims to bring together the latest research and development in cyber security and the latest methods to prevent and combat the cybercrime phenomenon along with governance rules & regulations. 

The suggested themes for the submission include (But are not limited to):

  • Cyberspace & Advancements
  • Tools and technology for cyber investigation 
  • Anthropological and Cultural studies;
  • Privacy-Enhancing Technologies 
  • Cyber Laws & IT Act
  • Security and Crime science;
  • Cryptography and associated topics;
  • Security Economics;
  • Artificial Intelligence 
  • Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Human factors and Cyber-psychology;
  • Blockchain 
  • Cloud computing & Cyber Security 
  • Legal aspects of cyber security;
  • Political and policy perspectives;
  • Strategy and International Relations;
  • Data privacy and its policies
  • Intelligent Forensic 

Articles should be approximately 5000 words. Submission guidelines: Click here
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